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Thursday, August 20, 2009

It is no secret that when art and fashion collide, that to me is absolute bliss. So when I came across several articles on my PR trawl at work about Miuccia Prada's vision for the art world, I was uber excited.

The first two paragraphs I read were in The Art Newspaper (a must for art geeks such as myself) and having never been lucky enough to meet the legendary Miuccia myself, I thought the first two paragraphs described her beautifully:

"A plain, long-nosed face, almost without make-up; a dark blue dress, also plain, but perfectly finished; beautiful legs and very high-heeled, artfully ugly shoes; two PR minders listening in at the other end of the plain, white room. You are made to feel that interviewing Miuccia Prada, 60, head of one of the most famous fashion brands in the world, is a privilege, although she unbends enough for the journalist to feel taken into her confidence." "Prada is more than a fashion house; it is a whole design and cultural outlook. Suzy Menkes, the International Herald Tribune’s fashion editor, says: “Miuccia captures the Zeitgeist. She is a conceptual fashion person who realises which way the wind is blowing. She took the family bag company and made those nylon bags in the minimalist 80s. Then she became the leader of the ugly aesthetic of the 90s.” The main stores are not called shops, but epicentres and are by world famous architects Herzog & de Meuron and Rem Koolhaas, who also does Prada’s fashion shows."

All the fuss and media attention is over The Prada Transformer, the three-storey-high tetrahedron gallery space, which has just opened in Seoul with a new exhibtion featuring work by up-and-coming sweedish artist Nathalie Djurberg.

If you want to learn more about it you can read the article from The Art Newspaper or another article that I just found in the Australian

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