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Monday, August 31, 2009

I recently found a list of things everyone should do every day to achieve a happier and healthier life.  I have put a few below and added some of my own as well.  They all sound pretty smart (but common sense at the same time), except for number 6.  I'm not sure my boss would appreciate that one so much...

1. Be sure to get eight hours sleep every night.
2. Eat five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit.
3. Drink 2-3 litres of water every day.
4. Dress for success! Make yourself presentable before starting work.
5. Make your own lunch every day rather than buying it (except for Friday when you are justified to have lunch out as a lead up to the weekend).
6. Take a nap in the afternoon to re-energise.
7. Do at least half an hour of exercise every day.
8. Don’t skip lunch – and try to get out of the office to eat your sandwich.
9. Have dinner as a family – it’s important bonding time.
10. Spend 20 minutes planning tomorrow with a detailed to-do list..
11. Do one thing every day that scares you.
12. Make some quality time for your partner.
13. Make sure you get some ‘me’ time.
14. Read industry magazines to stay on top of trends.
15. Slow down – take time out to smell the roses.

(Thanks to for the list)

1 comment:

Michaela said...

Love the list. I'd say i do the first 9 pretty much every day... unfortunately except for number 6! As for planning tomorrow's to-do list, I'm still catching up on last week's!