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The Big Issue

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In the last few weeks, the weight debate and the size of models has once again been hauled to the front page of many a mag.  This time, the debate was sparked over the current issue of Italian Vogue which featured 3 plus size models on the cover - looking spactacularly and rediculously hot.  Frockwriter wrote a great story about it here.  So when I was asked to attend a breakfast for Ezibuy's plus size range, Sara I was quite interested to find out more. 

Vogue Italia, June 2011 cover shot by Steven Meisel

Our breakfast was hosted by Ljubenka Milunovic - if you haven't heard of her you probably should have....she is the plus size model equivalent of Miranda Kerr.  One of those genetically blessed human beings that is perfectly in proportion, great hair, flawless skin but unlike Miranda...she is actually interesting to listen to when she talks (Sorry Miranda).

Ljubenka (pronounced Lu-ben-ka) started modeling when she was just 13 years old after she was spotted in a dance class, however when she hit 16, her agency promptly turned to her and told her she was too fat!  To me, this in itself is completely ludicrous and if I had of been in her shoes I probably would have burst into tears.  Anyway, the modeling fell by the wayside for a few years when she didn't have the time to loose the weight and put herself through university instead.  Told girl.

Long story short, a friend mentioned she should try plus size modeling.  A few days later she met a boy who was planning on moving to NY, she sent a bunch of photos to different agencies and within hours she was getting calls from all the top American bookers trying to sign her.  She signed a contract with Ford, moved to NY, married the boy, had 2 children and is now one of the busiest working models in the industry.  Not bad for someone who was told she was fat at 16. 

And now Ljubenka is the face of Sara for Ezibuy - Australia's answer to fashionable plus size clothing.  Yes, she does make the clothes look good, but they have some great basics in the collection including some lovely striped tees that would look great with a little black blazer, jeans in every wash and cut imaginable, cute swimming costumes and surprisingly some fantastic bras for women who have a "fuller bust". 

Sara for Ezibuy available at David Jones stores nationally and for purchase online via their website

Home office - the beginning

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finally, after many, many years, my boyfriend is moving in with me!  Yes it is a momentus step in any relationship, however I'm more concerned about the wardrobe issues that I am forcasting. And at the same time as moving in together, we are both making the move back to studying.... (insert doom like music here)  So not only do we need to condense our shoe collections, but it is also necessary for us to turn the spare room in my apartment into a home office.  So out with the bed and in with the desk and onwards and upwards for room inspiration.  Mood boards here I come!