Deane & McLoughlin


Everything you wanted to know about D&M

L. and C. met years ago back at school while they were doing a school play together. Private girls schools in Sydney can be very dangerous places and they helped each other find their way through the nightmare in one piece.

When school finished they made their way over to England to live and work for a year.  They turned 18 together, went through relationships and breakups together and even started a clothing line together!

Turns out, the bespoke t-shirt line developed quite a niche following and when they came home from the UK, the label (coincidentally named Deane & McLoughlin) was stocked in several major stores and boutiques around Australia.

Unfortunately when the pair started university, the blooming t-shirt line fell to the wayside, however both have now graduted from uni and are both working in their seperate and very different fields.  C. now works for a major industrial body and is soon to be admitted as a lawyer and L. is a senior account manager at a leading luxury lifestyle PR and events company.  You could say, that this blog is a way for the girls to have their creative outlet and revive the D&M brand that started in a small flat in London so many years ago.

Which celebrity would you take to a deserted island and why?
CM: Johnny Depp - he has pirate skills.
LD: Simple - Robert Pattinson. If you have read the last book in the Twilight saga you will understand...

Who is ur fashion alter ego?
CM: Karl Lagerfeld
LD: Emma Watson when in London and Leighton Meester when in NY

What is the 1 piece of technology you couldn't live without?
CM: Hmmm iphone?
LD: My hair dryer.  And if it was combined with an iPhone I would be eternally happy

What is your favourite fashion destination?
CM: Selfridges London/Barney's NY store in Tokyo
LD: Selfridges London

Diamonds or pearls?
CM: Both.
LD: Both. Anytime. Anywhere.