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Bio Oil

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

As you can see from this photo, I've nearly finished my little bottle of Bio Oil. Considering how often I've been using it, I'm surprised so little has lasted this long.

I first got into Bio Oil on the recommendation of friends who were claiming it was going to be the next Lucas Paw-Paw. Bio Oil themselves claim that the formulation will help reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing and dehydrated skin. With ingredients such as Rosemary, Calendula, Lavender and Chamomile oils; as well as vitamins A, E and (the 'break through ingredient') Pur Cellin oil, it not only feels extremely luxurious but it actually does appear to do what it claims. I had dehydrated skin, uneven skin tone and stretch marks. Incredibly, my stretch marks, which have been prevalent for at least eight years now have now decided to fade. Mind you, they haven't faded entirely, but the difference has been very noticeable. My chronically dehydrated and uneven skin is soft and smooth. In fact, the results on my legs have been so good that I've started using it at night on my face. A word of warning though - if you do decide to use it on your face, it's probably best to apply at night and then wash off in the morning as this forumla won't work well with make-up straight over the top. There's also no SPF, so not really appropriate for day wear.  

It's quite a thick oil - and by that I mean it takes a while to seep in to the skin and it is worth taking out five minutes to massage to oil into the desired area. You only need a couple of drops and you will feel it sitting on your face until it seeps in, but it's well worth it. Bio oil is honestly one of the best all rounder products I've used and now that I'm down to my last few drops, I will definitely be purchasing a replacement bottle. For under $20.00 (AUD) I think it's a fantastic buy, perfect throughout winter although I'd probably use it a bit more sparingly during warmer months.

C. x
Well, if I had a few lazy grand laying around they would be. Here are some utterly drool-worthy dresses up for grabs on ...

 Persee Silk Gown by Pierre Cardin for Paul & Joe. This is so retro cool, I can imagine it on the likes of Sofia Loren and Goldie Hawn.

 Halston asymetrical silk gown

Oh so ridiculously beautiful Oscar de la Renta silk bustier dress. I would find a way to wear this dress every day.

If I were to have a beach wedding, this Oscar de la Renta Embroidered linen dress would be my wedding gown.

C. x
Curvalicious, graceful and just a little bit bad, Bardot epitomises her era and remains one of the most influencial style icons of all time.
If you want to see more amazing BB photos click here


Oyster's tribute to the new PM

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A few wardrobe suggestions for our new Aussie PM, Julia Gillard, thanks to Oyster Magazine

Looking regal in Dior

She will certainly outshine our Governer General in this golden creation from Balmain

Defying gravity

Friday, June 18, 2010

Get your green thumb ready because this is probably one of the most clever innovations I have ever seen.  A hanging plant... upside down!

Not only does it look ridiculously awesome but it also saves water, defies gravity and saves space!  I'm currently deciding on if I should hang them on my balcony or throw caution to the wind and hang them from the roof in my kitchen.

For more information you can go to and from there you can watch videos on how to maintain your plant and find out which plants are most suitable.  I'm a big fan of using herbs like mint and parsley so that I can have my very own kitchen garden.

And there is no need to fret my pet because there is an Australian distributor based in Melbourne and you can download an order form from their website to purchase with delivery anywhere in OZ  
Contact Design for use on 03 9602 2632 or visit their website

Happy planting!
L x

Richard Bailey

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Iconic Australian fashion photographer, Richard Bailey, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 52 after sadly losing his battle with cancer.  Bailey, most well known for his relationship with Vogue Australia - who he first started working with at age 21 - shot many magazine covers with the likes of Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman and Miranda Kerr as well as countless stories with some of the biggest names in the business including the original supermodels - Claudia, Naomi, Helena and Linda.

Richard Bailey will be remembered as one of the most respected, admired and prolific photographers in his profession and is survived by his wife Gillian and children Jasper, 13 and Billie, 10.


Head over heels in love

Friday, June 11, 2010

These are the things we are lusting after this week...

1) SATC2 interiors
Shameful as it is I have not yet seen the movie, however I have seen these pictures and it makes me even more desperate to make time to go
I die for the Paul Smith cushions on the grey sofa chair

2.  All the stripes backstage before Oscar de la Renta's cruise collection.
I'm kind of obsessed with stripes and Oscar does it oh so well...and then on the runway they were teamed with super cute straw brimmed hats gondolier style

3. And my new favourite daily email from Cherry Picked, bringing me all the latest stylish things to do in and around Sydney

Beautiful illustrations by Kelly Smith can be bought online at her etsy shop and I'm dying for this one below and the one of the hands with the puppet strings

Once upon a hair extension

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

These pics are of Whitney Port's fab dress from the CFDA's yesterday.  And everyone in the office is also lusting after her beautiful hair....
The dress is a custom by David Meister, who she also happens to be standing with.
L x

As far as Sydney festivals go, 'Vivid' has been a bit of a flop. First of all, as Anonymous pointed out to me, what's the point of a Sydney festival if the tag line is: 'Bringing downtown Manhattan to Sydney for two weeks'?

Secondly, bands were supposedly playing (free entry) each lunch time in one of the foyers of the Sydney Opera house. On Monday, I went down with Anonymous to check out said live bands. Were live bands playing? No. Staff were on hand to inform that it had been a typo, albeit appearing on several different marketing posters, programs, emails etc. Bands would be playing for free every lunch time except Monday. Rort.

Thirdly, in that same foyer, on that same Monday, Lou Reed was supposed to do a live radio show in full view of anyone wishing to observe from 2pm. Did he? No. Again the SOH staff had to explain that due the unfavourable  acoustics of the foyer  Reed would be hosting the radio show from undisclosed, closed off location in full view of no one. I particularly loved when one SOH staffer explained 'well, it's Lou Reed and that's just Rock 'n' Roll and so he can do that'. Rock on. You would think that if the King of Cool was coming to town and hosting a radio show, that you'd check the acoustics. Especially in an Opera House.

Fourth and last in my rant list, I did think it was a cool idea to project images onto the Opera House and so attended to watch the lighting of the sails on Vivid's first night. What did they project? A craft inspired image: Scissors, twine, possibly a band-aid and some cheese on a blue background - it looked like something that may have been the intro to playschool at some point. After that, leopard print, then a disco ball and feathers.  Fail.

The only redeeming experience of Vivid so far, has been 'Noise Night'.

"This is a noise-rock showcase, where walls of sound are sculpted and woven with practiced mastery into works of strange and terrifying beauty, ironic humour and adrenaline-fuelled excitement. Prepare for an assault on the senses that will leave you rocking and reeling and wondering what is music anyway... "
- Vivid LIVE website.

The first band were utterly awful. I actually fell asleep. I can't even remember their name they were so bad. Oh, that's right - Zond. The set, at least the part I was awake for, was the complete opposite of the description above. It was boring, dull and flat. Ambient? That's not exactly how I'd describe it...I did wonder if it could be labelled music. Fast forward to Japanese punk band Boris - who were FREAKING AWESOME. So good, it almost entirely made up for the epic Vivid fails above. I say almost, because the coolest part of the whole night was when Lou Reed came out on stage at the end to jam with Laurie Anderson (on an electric violin) and some of the other muso's from the night, in what truly did become a fabulous, dynamic music-scape. Even more delightful was the fact that about half of the audience thought the intermission was in fact the conclusion of the night so everyone left over got to shuffle forward, making the experience much more intimate and well, cool.

Here are some photos, they aren't great because they were taken on my iphone, but you get the gist.

 Zond. (above)
 Boris (above and below)
 Audience after the intermission (above)
 Reed jamming...
C. x

Proud as a peacock

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Astier de Villatte Candles

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

They may be candles, but emotions, experiences, precious moments seem like more appropriate labels for these beautiful creations from Astier de Villate.

Rue Saint Honoré
Rue Saint Honoré. Late afternoon. The boutique door opens on to the asphalt of Old Paris. An enticing scent immediately floods the premises. A powdery cloud, a few delicate green notes and a jasmine rose accord merge deliciously with the amber and leather atmosphere.

Scents also come in: Anchorage, Brasilia, Cambridge, Delhi, Delphes, Edimbourg, Hoëdic, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Kobé, Lhassa, Monte Carlo, Mantes La Jolie, Namche Bazaar, Naples, Oulan Bator, Rue Saint Victor, Saint Cirq Lapopie, Tivoli.

So special, a perfect escape!

C. x