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Oh no... Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Monday, August 10, 2009

Let me get one thing straight - I am a Clarins fan. It's probably for this reason that I was so bitterly disappointed with their Beauty Flash Balm. Heralded as the must have to have right now beauty item to rival cult favourite Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, it fell desperately short. It did not brighten, it did not tighten. The yellowy-orangy-pinky cream held such promise when I squeezed a bit out of the tube. Consistency at first was sooooo beautiful but once on my face, it turned to chalk. Laura, who doesn't think it's that bad said to me 'you're only supposed to put on a little bit' - well, Laura - it was only a very little bit that managed to turn me off. This highly inconvenient potion (even when a little was used) made my make up glug and look - BAD even though I patted the cream on gently and applied my make-up straight after application, as recommended. BFB even boasts the ability to be used as a masque when feeling like a super facial charge - I would not reccomend this. BFB DID make my skin feel super dry and gross. I do not recommend for any skin type.

C. xx


Anonymous said...

what would you suggest instead?

Laura Deane said...

I would suggest using the Prescriptives tinted moisturizer as a base. It goes on beautifully and you can either wear it by itself or add ontop of it a bit of MAC foundation and it sits on your skin perfectly and lasts all day!!! I am obsessed. It was recommended to me by a friend of mine who happens to also be Miranda Kerr's makeup artist.

Anonymous said...

thanks heaps!! I tried that and i loved it!