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Apartment envy

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am experiencing massive apartment envy. On Sunday, I went over to one of my very close friend's (Alex, the girl who owns the perfect Miu Miu bag) new apartment she shares with her boyfriend and it is GORGEOUS!!! I should have taken some photos but i didn't so I'll attempt to describe it to you: White walls, very high high ceilings, huge master bedroom, charcoal grey carpet, lovely grey lounge, spa bath with mosaic tiles in the bathroom, smeg appliances. In the immortal words of Rachel Zoe, "it's bananas"! Now all she needs is some huge art to put on her huge walls.

I have my final meeting tomorrow with my builder about the massive renovations we are starting at the beginning of October, and I can only hope it turns out as beautiful as Alex's. At the moment, I am officially declaring it a nightmare. I have put a few pics below to show you its current state, but you will be happy to know, it's all going and we are starting from scratch. Let the nightmare begin!

Above and below: The hideous kitchen - you will be happy to know that underneath that fake wood, lino floor, there are 3 other layers of old lino!!! hehe. Gotta love the 70's

Below: The sad looking bathroom

Wish me luck
LD xxx

1 comment:

Michaela said...

It's my apartment too!! Can't wait til we've all moved and have dinner parties!!