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Saturday, August 15, 2009

I was just playing with my camera at home and thought i'd take a few snaps of my favourite things round my house.
Happy weekend!!!
My chanel bag - the main reason we went to Paris last year.

Both out the side and back of my house are 2 huge blossom trees and this time every year they cover our backyard in a sea of pink petals. It is my favourite time of year and the colour is amazing.

My costume jewellery draw - which needs to be bigger

The HUGE plie of books for me to read next to my bed. Twilight is about half way down the pile and is my guilty pleasure. I have already read it a few times. I'm currently reading the Michael Connelly one ontop of the pile and it is really really good - actually thinking about going out into the sun and finishing it off now...
Laura xxx

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