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Everything you wanted to know about D&M

L. and C. met years ago back at school while they were doing a school play together. Private girls schools in Sydney can be very dangerous places and they helped each other find their way through the nightmare in one piece.

When school finished they made their way over to England to live and work for a year.  They turned 18 together, went through relationships and breakups together and even started a clothing line together!

Turns out, the bespoke t-shirt line developed quite a niche following and when they came home from the UK, the label (coincidentally named Deane & McLoughlin) was stocked in several major stores and boutiques around Australia.

Unfortunately when the pair started university, the blooming t-shirt line fell to the wayside, however both have now graduted from uni and are both working in their seperate and very different fields.  C. now works for a major industrial body and is soon to be admitted as a lawyer and L. is a senior account manager at a leading luxury lifestyle PR and events company.  You could say, that this blog is a way for the girls to have their creative outlet and revive the D&M brand that started in a small flat in London so many years ago.

Which celebrity would you take to a deserted island and why?
CM: Johnny Depp - he has pirate skills.
LD: Simple - Robert Pattinson. If you have read the last book in the Twilight saga you will understand...

Who is ur fashion alter ego?
CM: Karl Lagerfeld
LD: Emma Watson when in London and Leighton Meester when in NY

What is the 1 piece of technology you couldn't live without?
CM: Hmmm iphone?
LD: My hair dryer.  And if it was combined with an iPhone I would be eternally happy

What is your favourite fashion destination?
CM: Selfridges London/Barney's NY store in Tokyo
LD: Selfridges London

Diamonds or pearls?
CM: Both.
LD: Both. Anytime. Anywhere.

Others who we love, love, love

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A Texan blogger who has an obsession with awesome shoes and has the most incredible wardrobe we have ever seen.  Expect to see this blogger front row at fashion week...

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Interior designer, Anna Spiro has had a lot of attention recently due to her amazing use of mix and match soft furnishings. Her blog is about everything that she finds inspirational.


A New York based professional magazine writer who muses over art, fashion, love and bicycles.  Joanna also has a great relationships blog called Smitten for Glamour magazine.

apartment #34

This stylish blogger initally set out to renovate her apartment (coincidentally apartment number 34) in Seattle and the adventure ended up taking on a life of its own.  Recently engaged, she talks a bit about wedding plans, but more often cleverly relates interior design to shoes.

Steve McCurry's blog
Steve McCurry is one of the world's most iconic, visionary photographers who is particularly famous for the visual intamacy he creates with his subjects while on his various travels.  This is his blog and possibly one of my absolute favourites

Balibulle - Etats d'âme vestimentaires et stylistiques

I have no idea what is actually written on this site (it's in French) however, Caity tells me it all makes perfect sense.  However on the plus side, it does have some good pictures.

Pink Diva Beauty
A trained beauty therapist and makeup artist this blogger knows her products! If you want a recommendation on the latest cleanser or eye makeup remover, then look no further than right here because this girl has reviewed them all.  She is also a Twitter guru and you can follow her at

Brown Button

Spending her days as a tax accountant in Adelaide drove this blogger to seek a creative outlet.  Occasionally about interior design, sometimes about clothes and the occasional funny memory from childhood.  However this stylish blogger deserves extra bonus points for her new online store attached to the site Brown Button Trading.

Brunch at Saks

When asked to describe herself, Bruch at Saks author writes: "Writer/Producer/Type 1 Diabetic, Christian Girl, Computer Geek, Fashion Fanatic, Design Lover, News Addict and Pop Culture Infatuate". This description pretty much sums up her take on fashion, home decor, and design and thats what comes across on the site.

Teen Vogue says of Bryanboy "With his sharp wit and cheeky style choices, Manilla based blogger Bryanboy is on the brink of international stardom" - If it's in Vogue it must be good! hehe

Cachemire et Soie

Another one for the frenchies, however absolutely GEORGOUS photos. Note to self, must learn how to take pictures like this... Step one: buy a decent camera

daily imprint

This simple blog is written by the talented deputy editor and writer at Real Living Magazine in Sydney.  Enough said...

Decor8 Daily Updates

Holly Becker is a writer and interior design consultant.  Initially she started to write the blog for inspiration and now it is a beautifully laid out mecca for design pics.  That, and the number 8 is my lucky number so it has good karma for me.

dustjacket attic

A blog dedicated to bringing you all the best images from editorial shoots in magazines and across the web.  Great images, but it is kind of annoying when you open the browser and random music starts playing.  Especially when you are at work, trying to be descrete about wasting time and Kylie Minogue starts playing quite loudly.  Not particularly subtle.

Face Hunter

A photographer shooting the fashion forward on the streets on Europe

fashion is spinach

Commentary on easy everyday fashion. 


This blog was started by an Australian women who spends her time living between her home in London and her olive farm in France (oh but to dream).  She loves all things french and so this blog reflects that french style.


Just exceptionally beautiful photography and exceptional fashion force.  Also check out Hedi Slimane's fashion diary for some other photography

Ian Mardell's "Moderately Interesting" Blog
A strange way of looking at the world's news


A great blog for candid on the street fashion snaps.  Especially great during any of the world's fashion weeks

James Bort

Proof that the french really do have amazing photography skills

Josh Goleman

A brilliant New York photographer who does particularly beautiful wedding pics.  Super creative vision for subject matter that can be so mundane.


Really cute vintage photography - great image inspiration

knight cat
Features the best editorial shoots from all the mags

La Coquette

The catch line of this blog is "Don't hate me because I live in Paris".  Literally an American in Paris so she is able to post all the videos of the recent fashion shows.

Lee Gutkind: Speaking Out

The "Godfather of creative non-fiction" according to Vanity Fair Magazine.  A good blog is you are in need of a bit of mental stimulation not just about fashion. collective fashion consciousness.

"Fashion is art, art is love, love is real".  An invite only community of people taking pics of their favourite fashion moments and looks.


Mia Freedman is quite the celebrity blogger in Australia.  Once an editor of one of the top magazines, now she blogs, tweets and writes fantasitc books.  This is one of my favourites for a unique view on current events and news.  In 2 words I would describe it as honest and real.

On the Runway

The New York Times fashion blog

Pink Lemonade

I actually really love this blog - super girly, super cute, and super beautiful pictures.  It goes into the love, love, love category.

Simply Seductive

This is simply beautiful...I love the fashionable daily horoscopes - the one today for Aquarius is particularly encouraging!
snippet and ink: daily wedding inspiration

For all of those bridezilla's out there, this one is for you.  Actually, I'm not getting married and I still love it.  I think it is the event planner side in me.  Great inspiration colour boards.

Swish and Swanky

Beautiful interior design inspiration

That's Chic

Fashionable styling fantasies 

The Flapper Girl

Beautiful vintage photography

The Inspired Room

Another interior design blog - I just can't seem to get enough of this stuff!!!

The Sartorialist

Possibly the best blog out there - at least it rivals Absolutely beautiful things and Garance Dore.  Scott Schulman has been rated as one of the top 100 design influences in the world by New York Magazine and this explains why.  He has also just released his own book by the same name - and I am desperate to get my hands on one.  This is out of control amazing!

Vasili Kaliman's Art Patrol

Vasili Kaliman is quite the personality on the Sydney art scene.  Famed for his gallery in leafy Paddington, this is his way of showing art from all over the world.  For those that love really really really contemporary art.

Wedding Style Guide
The blog linked to the magazine with the same name - another for the bridezilla's.  Also has some good ideas for those of us that need help with buying wedding gifts.