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I'm never drinking again...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I know this isn't your average diary kind of blog but this needs to be said. I'm never drinking again. I woke up this morning at 7am at home, in bed - safe for all intents and purposes but had nooooooo idea how I got there. A quick call to Laura confirmed that I got home safe and sound with her and was not completely embarassingly drunk although I have my suspicions she may have been sparing me the shame. Of course I remember the first half of the night - the part when I was drinking a vey sophisticated Mitolo shiraz in a swanky bar in town - but for the rest, I only have vague memories of ballroom dancing with another rather inebriated comrade and there's a lingering possibility tequila shots were involved. I hate tequila. For some reason my finger hurts, my hair stinks of cigarettes and now I'm having flashbacks of talking to a stranger in the bathroom about Kafka. Apologies to all involved last night, I hope you were drinking enough not to notice that idiot in the corner rambling complete incoherent nonsense (so another tells me). Love you all, thank you Michaela and Laura for dragging my sorry backside home - Love you!

C. xx

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