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Sari and Sunglasses

Saturday, October 24, 2009

It was such a beautiful day today that I decided to lay out a Sari and basque in the sun (wearing SPF 30+ of course). I try to avoid buying expesive sun glasses now considering the rate at which I lose or break them... I've left a pair of Moschino's on a plane in Singapore, D&G's are floating around Darwin somewhere, I sat on my fabulous Chanel's after only 2 weeks, my Pradas decided to take themselves out of their case never to return and I dropped a pair of Oroton's at a festival, which were promptly stomped on, just to mention a few. SO I've resolved myself to eyewear that doesn't cost the earth, so it doesn't hurt as much when they go missing...

The vintage Carrera's were given to me by my grandpa when I found them in his car and the other two were market finds that were only $5AUD each!


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Deane and McLoughlin said...

You look so beautiful in these pics C!
LD xxx