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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My dream one day is to own several different properties all over the world while I fly between each in my private jet going from Summer house to Summer day. But for Daniel Radcliff, this is becoming a fast reality having just splashed out on almost $7million USD on a New York apartment!

The Harry Potter hottie, who already owns 2 other lavish properties in the Big Apple, is now the proud owner of 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 6 fireplaces and a 39ft garden on the upper east side
If Emma Watson (aka Hermonie) wasn't earning her own sizeable fortune I would have to have a serious chat with that girl and ask her why the f*^k she isn't dating the man with the goblet of fire!?!?!  But lucky for her she has enough of her own mojo to get by.  My prediction is therefore, Lindsay Lohan will be in there asap trying to get in on the fortune seeing her own is quickly diminishing ... watch this space...
Laura xxx


On a Semi unrelated note - the image is of Elizabeth Taylor as Gloria, wearing a slip and a mink, padding about her lovers Fifth Avenue apartment after a night of dissolute behavior. When she discovers the envelope full of money and a note that says "Is this enough?" she revolts, and writes "no sale" on the mirror in lipstick, and runs out the door with a bottle of scotch.

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