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Lee Gutkind - The Best Creative Non-Fiction

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dear Readers,

My most sincere apologies for not posting a book review in so long, my problem is a) I'm reading too many books at once b) It's assessment season c) said books have been pushed aside by ridiculously large law text books.

My only solace has come in the form of Lee Gutkind's "The Best Creative Non-Fiction", an amalgamation of short works, sourced by Gutkind and his team from blogs, sites, magazines (of every kind), journals etc. The authors are astute writers with an opinion, general commentary and personal reflection on a variety of topics, willing to share their thoughts with (and you will be,) avid readers.

In my limited spare time I've been reading through TBCNF vol.3. and it does not disappoint. I was particularly charmed by 'Letter from a Japanese Crematorium' by Marie Mutsuki Mockett and 'An Insider’s Guide to Jailhouse Cuisine: Dining In' by Sean Rowe. The latter delivers a remarkably honest account of the author's time in jail and criminal background through his tales of prison 'cuisine'. The pitch is that of a true foodie, the author's descriptive language, literally leaves your mouth watering - or with the feeling like you need to purge yourself and then brush your teeth a thousand times.

I highly, highly reccomend you read any volume (only 3 so far) of TBCNF, whether you're looking for something to fall in love with, laugh about, cry about or be shit scared by - WHATEVER it is that you're looking for, you'll find it here.

If you live in Sydney you can find TBCNF at Kinokuniya in the Galleries Victoria (Sydney). You can also purchase online from

Caity xx

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