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SJP's dramatic diet

Monday, September 7, 2009

The set of the new SATC 2 movie seems to be hotting up with controversy with rows of competitive dieting.
Looking am-ah-zing in this pic above in her vintage Halston and Louboutin heels (i'm a huge fan of the leopard print shoe right now), she is apparently struggling to fit into the sample size costumes that famous stylist, Patricia Field, is giving her.  
As a result, reports say that SJP has ordered that only sushi and raw vegetables be supplied to her trailer, while co-star Kim Catrall is doing a three-day detox every other week and Kristin Davis insists on eating small amounts of salad every three hours.
And these women are supposed to be our role models!  What happened to the healthy body image that they are supposed to be promoting.  Doesn't anyone apart from me crave a block of chocolate anymore!?!?!  It seems to me that you are either too fat or too thin. 
Can someone please email me and show me a female celebrity that has got it right?

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Michaela said...

who'd want to be that skinny if it meant you couldn't enjoy the wonders of food!!