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Monday, September 7, 2009

I think it is safe to say that recently my world has been turned upside-down, given a massive shake up and then asked me to stand upright without falling over again. 

So with this in mind I am starting a MASSIVE savings campaign.  It kills me to say this, but it will involve less shopping all round.  Therefore here is my list for everyone who needs a little push to save more.

1) The gym membership has to go.  I love it, but it is spring now and therefore there is no excuse for not going for a walk/jog around the block a few times rather than hitting the treadmill. 

2) Take lunch to work if not every day, then Monday - Thursday at least, and give yourself a cheap lunch out treat on Friday

3) Make birthday / anniversary / father's day / mother's day cards to give to people and re-use wraping paper rather than going to expensive stationary shops.  Not only does this save money but it also helps the environment

4) Don't buy bottled water.  Re-use the bottles and fill them up out of the tap.  I actually added up one week how much i spent on just buying a few bottles of water here and there per week and it was crazy!!!

5) Allow yourself only one magazine to buy per month.  This one particularly kills me becasue im massive mags girl.  But when you think about it, all the great content comes from brilliant bloggers anyway!

6) Pick flowers from your garden (or discreatly from someone else's garden) to put in a vase rather than buy flowers.  Or go to the flower markets really really super early in the morning and only pay wholesale prices!

Note to self: Do not purchase useless things on Net-a-Porter such as this super cute Miu Miu studded heart key ring purse. 
It's easier just to avoid Net-a-Porter all together.
And always remember
"if opportuity doesn't knock, build a door"
- Milton Berle


Michaela said...

I love saving money!! Another thing about the drink bottles - get a stainless steel drink bottle so you never have to buy plastic drink bottles again! So good for the environment and plus the plastic releases chemicals in the water each time you use it which is bad for you! Plus the stainless steel keeps the water cold!

Caity said...

ALSO - Take care of your favourite shoes, instead of buying a new pair each time an old loved pair get a bit manky, treat them to a make over at your local shoe repair store. They often come up good as new and it costs next to nothing compared with the cost of a brand new pair.