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L'Occitane Cafe, Shibuya

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

At the giant pedestrian crossing in Shibuya (the one where 2million people will cross on any given day) there seem to be two real vantage points for observing this surreal phenomenon. The second floor of Starbucks, or the L'Occitane Cafe. We went for the cafe. At first what I thought was going to be an overpriced, underwhelming novelty turned out to be quite a lovely experience. The cocktail (Provincial Cooler 1,100 yen/approx $14 AUD pictured below) was HUGE and so incredibly delicious! It had sugared but sour grapefruit on top, with a sangria like liquid in the middle and a rich and thick mango/passionfruity elixer on the bottom. When mixed all together it was provincial heaven. Oh, the creme brulee and berry tarte were also delicious. :)

Caity xx

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