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Weekend Farmers Market

Saturday, July 25, 2009

This morning Laura and I took an early morning trip to the Hawkesbury Farmer's Market. It was a bit of a trek but well worth it. We found so many yummy treats and masses of fresh produce from local and boutique food artisans and farmers. We especially loved the 'Sweetness the Patisserie' stall for their Marie-Antoinette-esque delights. ALL GLUTEN FREE. So fabulous, the pastel macaroons were just as delicious as they looked (see photo above), which was a surprise considering most gluten free foods are practically inedible. We also loved the cheese lady from 'Cheese Pleese' who took us on a gastronomic cheese tour from tripple cream bries through to some delightfully stinky blues. We walked away with two washed rinds and plans for a cheese and wine party. There was lots of fresh produce, so many pretty colours - props to Laura for her awesome iphone photography!

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