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Feet Treat!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If you're like me and wear shoes that are far too small, with a heel far too high and have many resulting blisters, this cheapy foot treatment is a must!

1 bucket/shallow bath
Warm-Hot water (just enough to go up to your ankles)
1/2 cup rock salt (the rougher the better)
Scented oil of choice - my favourites include rose, peppermint and lavender

  1. You firstly need to make sure you'll have at least 10mins to yourself so that you don't have to keep jumping up and getting water everywhere.
  2. Pop the salt and scented oil into the bath/shallow tub and then pour the hot water over the top.
  3. Feet in! Be careful the water isn't too hot, you don't want to scald your feet!
  4. Swish salt and oils around with your feet.
  5. After 10 or so minutes take your feet out, pop them onto the towel and dab dry.
  6. Apply yummy moituriser of choice! Be generous.
For a super sweet feet treat take the opportunity to groom your toe nails as they will soften after being soaked. Apply a pretty coat of hot pink nail polish, clear top coat and you're set!
C. xx

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