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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A few essential items I am totally loving at the moment...

[A'kin] Rose an Geranium Pure Creamy Cleanser and Toner in One
(with Shea Butter and Vitamin B5): fresh and dewy skin (suitable for all skin types). I love this beautiful cleanser because it takes off my thickest, blackest mascara without leaving smudgy panda eyes. Splodge a bit onto a cotton make-up pad and wipe the night off. Works just as well in the shower. Oh and it's almost all natural and free from sulfates and parabens!

Aesop Rose Hair and Scalp Moisturising Masque (with Rose Petal, Beta Carotene and Lavender Stem) This is the only hair mask that I've ever been totally satisfied with. Leave this rich masque on for half an hour (ideally after shampooing (with Aesop Sage Cleansing Shampoo), but if you're lazy like me then just slather it on for 30 mins before jumping in the shower), rinse thoroughly and be amazed. After a few applications, my thick and uruly hair was brought back from the brink of being chopped off due to heat and chemical damage. I use the tiniest amount (and I really do mean tiny) on my hair after jumping out of the shower and let it dry naturally, minus the frizz. Thank you Aesop!

Aesop Parsely Seed Anti-oxidant Serum
(with Grape Seed)Another hit potion from Aesop. I pop this one on under my sunscreen - and on particularly wintery days I use in conjuction with a richer moisturiser. Not for those who don't like the feel of something slightly sticky on their skin - although I promise it absorbs quickly.

Aesop Parsely Seed Cleansing Masque (with evening primrose and rosehip seed)Everyone needs a slightly more thorough cleanse every now and then. This is your gal. You leave it on until it dries and then wipe off with a hot wet towel. Follow with a luxe moituriser. I try to use this baby at least once a week.

Aesop Tuberose Lip Heal (with violet leaf and Jasmine) OK so there's a lot of Aesop on this list so far - but their products really are just so beautiful, gentle and above all - effective. I use this one LOADS in winter - especially when hanging with my boy who doesn't like getting sticky gloss on his face. It absorbs in around 5 mins so when I want a longer lasting shine I'll pop a thicker gloss over the top. Smells (and tastes) soooooo good.

Bobby Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow (Heather Mauve - 23)
I really love this colour. The beautiful fauny/ever so slightly lavender colour has a subtle shimmer that carries you from work through to dinner and beyond. I find my index finger works better than a brush for application.
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