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Things you should know by now

Monday, January 25, 2010

Last weekend there was an article in Good Living written by Kate Duthie that holds particular significance to me.  It is a regular column titled "things you should know by now" and this week it focussed on how to RSVP.  These are a few points of significance that I find extremely relevant and essential for modern manners.

Image thanks to Bespoke Press

RSVP "literally stands for Respondez, s'il vous plait, which is French for Are you coming or what?"

"If there is an RSVP, it's good manners to let the person who invited you know if you're able to attend.  They need to make sure they have enough food, wine and seats."

"When replying, handwritten notes are best, unless a printed reply card has been included for you."

image thanks to Bespoke Press

"Never bring a guest unless you've been invited with a plus one or have arranged to do so."

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image thanks to Bespoke Press

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