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Friday, January 15, 2010

Last night after work I did a massive power walk all the way up to Surry Hills (and only occasionally stopping in a few shops along the way) to check out the restaurant Tablefor20.  And can I just say I'm in love!   I have booked it for my 25th birthday dinner and so I needed to do a sight visit to plan any decorations etc (occupational hazard).

(sorry for the crappy pic taken on my iPhone - really need to get a camera)

Anyway it is so unnecessary because I think it is one of the most gorgeous restaurants Sydney has to offer and I can't wait for my birthday now!  Not coz it will be my birthday - coz quite frankly I hate that I'm getting older - but that I will be having dinner somewhere fabulous with 20 of my best friends.

L xxx

(better image I found on the foodies club )

P.S. CM - this is me officially informing you that I have nominated you as photographer for the evening.  Don't forget your camera!!!

(another bad photo of Sticky bar upstairs taken on my iphone)
Stay tuned for better photos after the big night

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Alex said...

Can't wait L! x