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Thursday, November 11, 2010

For lunch today I thought I'd check out Justin North's new burger barn 'Charlie & Co.', inside the new Westfield shopping mecca in Sydney's Pitt St. Mall. I decided to go with 'The Producer's Burger', being marinated local mushrooms, haloumi, sun-dried tomatoes, baby spinach and aioli on a sesame bun. For $8.00 AUD I decided to whack on a side of thick cut truffle, parmesan and sea salt fries.  I was a little aprehensive at first, I mean $12.00 AUD for a burger seemed a little steep - and for a vego burger at that (I was unable to look past the Haloumi).

After placing my order, I did expect the 'swift service' as promised in their slogan (especially being a take away order). Perhaps it was too much to ask in the busy lunch hour rush... I waited for approximately 20 minutes. I was however gleefuly entertained by the manic food prep side show care of a glass window designed so you can see your burger being made. 

The guy waiting next to me in line said it all - 'this had better be the best burger I've ever had'. Was it? Hmmmm, if not, then very close. I'd have to return to try the wagyu burger to make a more conclusive decision on that one. The bun was lightly toasted although a little on the dry and dense side, the haloumi delicious, the sun dried tomatoes sweet and tangy and the spinach tender, but the star of this show was definitely the mushies. I didn't feel like I'd missed out at all by getting the veggie option.  The chips were a winner too. Hot and just the right amount of crunchy small bits and larger softer fries. You taste a lot of truffle, a little parmesan but possibly not enough sea salt.

It's definitely more than a novelty, I would fork out the $20.00 again and more. What I didn't appreciate was that it took such a large chunk out of my lunch break.

I recommend it, but not if you're in a rush. You want to enjoy this one without having to inhale it as I did. You might just feel a bit sick afterwards.

C. x


Anonymous said...

I've been dying to get there! The chips look great. The burger looks a bit small though.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh man! Now I want a burger for lunch... Last nights leftovers don't seem quite so appetising now

Anonymous said...

I went there on the weekend and had that exact burger. It was pretty awesome actually...Wish I had room for the chips. x