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Yay! Moroccan Oil

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm soooooo in love with Moroccan Oil! On a recent trip to the hair salon, my hair dresser used Moroccan Oil on my scalp for a pre-wash massage. I didn't think that much of it at the time, other than it smelt AHMAAAAZING (think Frangipanni, woodfire, Tuberose). When she used it on my hair post wash, pre-blowdry I knew I had to get my hands on some. My hair was possibly as soft as it was pre-highlight and straightener days. Seriously. Oddly enough, about a week or so later I received some from our friends at in a sample pack and am now completely addicted! A 10mL sample has lasted me 5 blow dry's although I probably only used half or less the recommended amount of 'a silver dollar' each time. It feels so luxurious in your hands, if you rub it between your fingers and then wipe it off, you can still feel it coating your fingers, they actually feel a bit slippery as I find you get with a lot of hair styling products these days. The difference is that there's little to no weight to it. By that I mean that when you put it on your hair, it's a silky, glossy coating without the greasy factor. I have ridiculously thick, course, wavy (not nice wavy, gross flyaway wavy) mid length hair that I have to straighten almost every day just so I don't look like Edward Scissor Hands. If I use Moroccan Oil (just a really little bit) in the morning on dry hair and brush through, I don't need to use the straightener to get a more polished look for work. This is probably my favourite thing (other than how ridiculously soft it makes my hair feel) considering it takes me less time to get ready on these blooming cold mornings... I can imagine myself using it in Summer too, considering how lightweight it is although half it's appeal for me is that my hair is dryer and a bit lacklustre in Winter and MO seems to have a soothing, nourishing, effect to it.

This is a beautiful product, perfect if you have thick, course and unruly hair like me and little time to do anything about it. I'm sure it'd work just as well on fine hair (will have to give to L. to try...). My only advice when using this product is that a little goes a long way. Otherwise use when you like, before washing (use as a treatment for 10mins or so on dry hair before jumping in the shower), when wet and then let dry naturally or blow dry for a super soft finish. I'm all about the natural oils this Winter. Did I mention they're also against animal testing and use recyled packaging where possible? I've seen it at quite a few salons now but if you want to buy online, then you can find it here. Moroccan oil definitely makes my Winter essentials list.

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Erin said...

Love your article! I have fine fair but lots of it so it tangles badly. Moroccan Oil helps me get the knots out and I agree it smells so good...