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Going green

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I have been umming and arghing over painting my bedroom green for the last few weeks to the point where I painted a largish swatch sample in the corner well over a month ago and have been putting it off ever since then basically becasue I'm scared to take the plunge.  But I'm fearful no more thanks to these pics I just found!  Thoughts?
L x

Images of designer Betsy Burnham's house on Decor Demon


Cornflakes For Tea said...

I think you should put some huge maps on your wall, like maps of Sydney. But seriously, so pleased to see you two doing such a great job on the blog - I wish I understood more of it but style and design are my weak points!

Deane and McLoughlin said...

So weird you say that...I was just thinking about some kind of vintage map artwork...