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Last week, in my non-blogging life (yes I do have a life that exists outside of technology), I organised an event for one of our clients.  Now I know I'm going to sound conceited when I say this, was flawless and amazing in every way possible.
I am slightly obsessed with our florist and the table in the Private Dining Room at Astral looked divine so I thought I would share some pics with you.  Meanwhile, Anneliese Seubert is just as flawless in real life as she is in the many pictures of her in Vogue.

Sorry we have been gone so long.  We missed you guys.
L x

Place setting at the table 

Astral Private Dining Room

Anneliese Seubert and her mum Gretta

The Sean Connolly

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Cornflakes For Tea said...

Jesus Christ you did a good job on that event, it looks AMAZING!